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Overview Global Architecture

The Bachelor of Global Architecture (S. Ars) at SCU offers a distinctive combination of architecture pedagogy, including classroom instruction, design studio, practical training and workshops, computing and three-dimensional modeling, field trips to the nation’s architectural treasure trove, exposure to construction technologies, and learning about sustainable practices from experts, professional, and leaders.

The Bachelor of Architecture program offers its students a comprehensive educational experience. Academic excellence and global exposure are offered by SCU’s cutting-edge educational methodology. The semester system is used to manage the Bachelor of Architecture program. Over the course of four years, students will thoroughly explore a variety of topics, including building design, building performance, building services, estimation and costing, the strength of materials, surveying, architecture computation and automation, project management, urban planning, and ecology – sustainable design.

Through contacts with global faculty and industry experts, students become prepared for the workplace. They will be provided with a strong foundation to create projects from the ground up, including ideation, mapping, estimation and costing, surveying, and project management. Additionally, Bachelor of Global Architecture students receive practical instruction and are exposed to the field of architecture.

The required depth element distinguishes the current generation of undergraduate degrees. As part of their overall education, students will also sign up for a General Education course on character development. In order to learn about themselves and the many skills and knowledge that constitute the basis for defining their human identities, students choose a variety of topics outside of the core academic fields.

In order to satisfy the criteria for accreditation established by the national professional organizations for architecture, students may graduate the course with a passing grade. Graduates have the choice to enroll in graduate school to seek professions in international business or scientific research after earning their degree.

Award Title

Bachelor of Global Architecture (S. Ars)

Study Level & Type

Research and Project

Credit Points

Total of 146 credit points
20 credits of GenEd courses
114 credits of core courses
2 credits of Community Service
10 credits of Thesis/Project


4 years full-time


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