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Overview Food Technology and Innovation

The Bachelor of Food Technology and Innovation established in 1995 with accreditation “A’. The title will be S.TP Degree. Study period 3.5-4 years by completing a minimum of 144 Academic Credits (Semester Credit Unit).

The Bachelor of Food Technology and Innovation (S.TP) at SCU aiming to advance their careers in the food technology sector are the target audience for this Bachelor Degree in Food Innovation (and especially in product development). The course increases your knowledge and comprehension of the entire process—from conception to launch—of developing and launching ingredients. In this field of study, students are well known for drawing on the knowledge of staff members with backgrounds in fields including public health and human nutrition, food chemistry and microbiology, food product development, food processing, packaging, food safety, and sustainability.

Food Technology and Innovation Program aims to educate students that can use the knowledge of food technology to become a professional in the food industry. The academic orientation includes 5 cluster research:

  1. Nutrition and Functional Food
  2. Food Microbiology and Biotechnology
  3. Food Safety and Integrity
  4. Food Product and Development
  5. Food Processing and Engineering

Students will gain knowledge about the production of wholesome foods. Further, students will discover new ways to improve food chains’ sustainability and innovation.

The required depth component distinguishes the current generation of undergraduate degrees. Additionally, students will enroll in a General Education course on character development, as a whole person. Students select a number of topics outside of the standard academic fields in order to learn about who they are and the many abilities and information that serve as the foundation for establishing their human identities.

Students can pass the course with a passing grade in order to fulfill the standards for accreditation set by the Food Technology and Innovation professional organizations. After completing their degree, graduates have the option of enrolling in graduate school to pursue their careers in global business or scientific research.

The integration of five clusters research combines with the updated Curriculum to create innovative products in line with the global demand. The Future Career will be Entrepreneur, Professionals in: Food and Beverage industries (Quality Control & Assurance, Production, Research & Development, Marketing, Logistics, Supply Chain), Governmental Institution (BPOM: Food and Drug Administration, Food Security Service, Department of Agriculture, Department Planning Agency), Researchers, Lectures, Consultants and Trainer.

Award Title

Bachelor of Food Technology and Innovation (S.TP)

Study Level & Type


Credit Points

Total of 144 credit points
20 credits of GenEd courses
116 credits of core courses
2 credits of Community Service
6 credits of Thesis/Project


4 years full-time


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