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Soegijapranata Student

Career Center


To become the center for career development and the main source of information for SCU students and alumni for their career development.


  1. Becoming a liaison between students and alumni with companies that need workers
  2. Helping companies disseminate information on job vacancies to students and alumni at SCU
  3. Organizing the SCU Job Fair to make it easy for students, alumni and the wider community (job seekers) to obtain job information
  4. Helping companies organize campus hiring to introduce the company (products and career information) followed by recruitment and selection
  5. Providing training through organizing seminars or workshops aimed at developing students' skills in finding and entering the working world
  6. Facilitating Faculties and Study Programs that require information on internship places for students
  7. Conducting a tracer study of SCU graduates so that the university is able to get graduate profiles in order to evaluate the process and results of higher education in order to improve quality

Organizational Structure

Since October 2021, the organizational structure has changed, where SSCC is not directly under Vice Rector for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni. Vice Rector for Academic, Student Affairs, and Alumni oversees the Institution of Student and Alumni Development, and the Student Career Center or SSCC is under this institution.

Based on the Permit from the Manpower and Transmigration Office no: 560/1191/2019, SSCC under the auspices of the SCU - Sandjojo Foundation has the right to hold job fairs to be a bridge for student-alumni to the working world.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Open opportunities for collaboration with the working world for the process of recruiting employees and apprenticeships
  2. Cooperate with the working world and all its problems within the Indonesia Career Center Network-ICCN
  3. Helping partner companies in finding and recruiting human resources at SCU through campus hiring & recruitment campus hiring & rekrutmen
  4. Organizing Job Fairs as part of the tasks of the Special Job Fairs registered at the Manpower Office, both offline and online through the jobfair.unika.ac.id system
  5. Organizing work-ready soft skills development training for final year students and alumni
  6. Conducting career counseling for students and graduates who need it
  7. Being a Central Level Manager in helping study programs carry out tracer studies as Key Performance Indicator number 1, based on the rules of the Ministry of Education and Culture which are used for various purposes, namely external parties with university assessments & rankings and internal parties in study program evaluation, preparation of study program & university accreditation forms
  8. Helping study programs to conduct User Surveys in the framework of self-evaluation of study programs and relationships with partner companies
  9. Providing a means for alumni to socialize through internal social media through HaNi Soepra = Hello Alumni Soegijapranata
  10. Establishing cooperation with alumni in the context of student self-development through workshops – training programs and others
  11. Collaborating with the working world by internally recruiting SCU alumni according to the needs of partner companies/institutions