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Beasiswa Sandjojo Prestasi

Beasiswa Sandjojo Prestasi is available every 6 months (in September/October and March/April). The recipients of this scholarship get a maximum credit fee subsidy of Rp. 2,100,000. This scholarship aims students who win any championships at the provincial / national / international level.

The main requirements:

  • Student Identity Card (KTM)
  • Certificate of Merit
  • Championship Documentation
  • Statement letter stating that the students are willing to be active in university assignments

Beasiswa Beasiswa Sandjojo PKM (Student Creativity Week)

Beasiswa Sandjojo PKM is available once a year (in March / April) and aims as a subsidy for credits fee in even semester. Recipients of Beasiswa Sandjojo PKM get a subsidy for even semester credit fees maximum of Rp. 2,100,000. This scholarship aims only for the PKM chairman and the PKM chairman must upload the PKM proposal to simbelmawa.

The main requirements:

  • Student Identity Card (KTM)
  • PKM Proposal
  • PKM Statement Letter

Beasiswa Sandjojo Peduli

Beasiswa Sandjojo Peduli is available 4 times a year for each UKP and SKS payment period (in July/August, September/October, December/January, March/April). Scholarship recipients get a subsidy for UKP / even semester credit fees maximum of Rp. 2,100,000.

The main requirements:

  • Student Identity Card (KTM)
  • Score Transcripts
  • Certificate of Insolvency (SKTM)
  • Salary Slip/Parent Income Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation from the Dean/Vice Dean of Student Affairs
  • Statement letter stating that the students are willing to be active in university assignments

Beasiswa UKT (Dikti)

Beasiswa UKT (Dikti) is a scholarship from the Government/Dikti. The scholarship’s schedule and opening awaits information from the government. Subsidy amount is Rp. 2,400,000 and aims to students who have financial constraints.

Beasiswa VDMI

Beasiswa VDMI is available in even semester around February/March with scholarship selection conducted around February-April. The recipients of Beasiswa VDMI start to receive the scholarship in odd semester in August and will get Rp. 750,000/month.

The main requirements:

  • Student Identity Card (KTM)
  • D3/D4/S1 students of all majors (semester 2-6)
  • Certificate of Insolvency (SKTM)
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Not apply for other scholarships

Beasiswa CSR

Managed by UKA and available when the quota is still present

Beasiswa Adaro

Adaro scholarship is available in the even semester around March – May with scholarship selection carried out around March – June and the recipients will receive the scholarship in the odd semester in August. The Adaro Scholarship is for students from the Faculty of Science and Technology (Faculty of Food Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Design, Faculty of Medicine) from semester 2 to 6. Scholarship recipients will receive Rp. 2,250,000 quarterly for one year and the scholarship quota is 20 students per year.

Beasiswa Djarum

Beasiswa Djarum aims to undergraduate students from all majors and the registration is conducted independently through website djarumbeasiswaplus.org which is available around March – June.

Administrative Requirements:

  • Currently pursuing a bachelor education level (S1) in semester IV
  • Minimum GPA of 3.00 in semester III
  • Able to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 until the end of semester IV
  • Actively participate in organizational activities both on and off campus
  • Currently not receiving another scholarship

File Requirements:

  • Printable/printed PDF proof of the online registration form
  • One 4x6 cm color passport photo, wearing an alma mater jacket
  • Score transcripts up to semester III, which have been legalized
  • Copy of statement letter/certificate indicating being active in an organization and/or certificate of achievement participated/owned
  • Statement letter from campus (Rectorate) that the recipient is not currently receiving scholarships from other parties