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Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka

Program Outbound Internal

Internal Outbound Program is for Soegijapranata Catholic University students who want to take courses in another program of study at Soegijapranata Catholic University.

Program Outbound External

The External Outbound Program is for students of the Soegijapranata Catholic University who want to take courses at other universities.

Kampus Merdeka APTIK

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented new challenges for higher education institutions worldwide, including APTIK Higher Education Institutions (PT APTIK). There are many important decisions that need to be made in a very short time to navigate the college in adapting to the pandemic situation and government policies. These decisions must be made because PT APTIK has the mandate to continue carrying out the mission of providing education amid this difficult situation.

One of the decisions and commitments made by PT APTIK is to collaborate on cross-institutional online learning as part of the Kampus Merdeka APTIK Program, which started in the first semester of 2020/2021. With this collaboration, PT APTIK aims to build a broad learning ecosystem in which every student of PT APTIK can have the opportunity and learning experience from any PT APTIK institution. This collaboration is also expected to develop teaching experience for lecturers and, of course, to open up broader collaboration among PT APTIK institutions.

The online learning collaboration within the Kampus Merdeka APTIK Program is open to all students of PT APTIK institutions. On this platform, every student can see the courses offered by each PT APTIK institution and can register, of course, after consulting with their respective college.

Kampus Merdeka NUNI

Kampus Merdeka NUNI (PMBN) is an initiative by NUNI through its members to follow the guidance of the Minister of Education and Culture, Mr. Nadiem Makarim, regarding the Merdeka Belajar - Kampus Merdeka Program. Fourteen (14) NUNI member universities out of a total of 21 participated in this program. It is hoped that this program can provide a platform for students from various leading public and private universities in various regions to receive education at partner universities. In various opportunities, students can not only gain new academic experiences but also interact with other students from universities within the NUNI consortium. Through PMBN, the excellence of study programs and the spirit of togetherness become essential to show the essence of this program. Furthermore, it aims to provide valuable values for the young generation of Indonesia in developing insights, nationalism, and future outstanding leaders.

Kampus Merdeka Kemdikbud

The Kampus Merdeka Kemdikbud Program can be accessed through the official Kampus Merdeka Kemdikbud website at

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