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Student Care

What is USC?

SCU Student Care is a unit at Soegijapranata Catholic University that represents SCU’s concern for the students.





Dr. A. Rachmad Djati Winarno


Cicilia Tanti Utami, S.Psi., M.Si


Lita Widyo Hastuti, S.Psi, MSi


Chtista Vidia Rana Abhimanyu, S.psi., M.Psi., Psychologist


Kuriake Kharismawan, S.Psi, Msi


Rika Saraswati, SH.CN., M. Hum, Ph.D.


Associate Lecturers

Eugenius Tintus Reinaldi, S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist

Faculty of Psychology

DR. Ir. Lindayani, MP.

Faculty of Agricultural Technology Associate Lecturer

Ch Tri Hardjanti N SE MSi

Faculty of Economics and Business Associate Lecturer

Dhiyan Krishna Wardhani, ST., MUE.

Faculty Of Environmental Science & Technology Associate Lecturer

Agnes Arie Mientarry Christie, SE, MSi, Akt, BKP, CA

Faculty of Economics and Business Associate Lecturer

B. Retang Wohangara, S.S., M.Hum

FBS Associate Lecturer

dr. Jonsinar Silalahi, MSi.Med, Sp.B, Subsp.Bped(K)

Faculty of Medicine Associate Lecturer

Christian Moniaga, ST., M. Ars.

Faculty of Architecture and Design Associate Lecturer

Hironimus Leong, S.Kom., M.Kom

Faculty Of Computer Science Associate Lecturer

Rotumiar Pasaribu, SS.,M.I.Kom

Faculty Of Law & Communication Associate Lecturer

Dr. Ir. Djoko Suwarno, MSi

Faculty Of Environmental Science & Technology Associate Lecturer

Online Services

Offline Service


  1. Counselor: a person with an educational background in psychology or counseling who is given a special assignment to become a counselor at the student care unit. They are lecturers from the Faculty of Psychology at Soegijapranata Catholic University
  2. Legal assistant: people with a legal background. They are lecturers at the Faculty of Law and Communication of Unika Soegijapranata.


  • Providing psychological assistance (counseling)
  • Coordinate with the team if further action is needed (assistance, rehabilitation)
  • Provide psychological and/or legal assistance for students in need
  • Make referrals to more competent parties (related agencies in SCU and outside SCU)

Lecturer Pendamping Fakultas

Lecturers from each faculty receive assignments from the university to become psychological-social assistants for students in their respective faculties. Prior to their assignment, they received training on the basics of counseling and student problems, especially bullying, sexuality and drugs.


  • Play an active role in seeking information about students who need psychological-social assistance
  • Providing initial psychological-social assistance in each faculty
  • Refer to a counselor (if necessary)

SCU Buddies

Students recruited from faculties to become friends Confide The other students received training on the basics of counseling, student issues, bullying, sexuality, drug abuse, and the process of mentoring students.


  • Providing assistance with the outreach model, as a friend to students who confide in or who are indicated to have problems
  • Referring and connecting to academic advisors or counselors
  • Providing information to academic advisors or counselors about students who appear to need psychological-social assistance
  • Create designs and content for the website and social media for unika student care
  • Become a social media account manager for UNIKA student care
  • Performing administrative tasks such as data storage, correspondence, and report writing
  • Acting as an executor of activities organized by unika student care
  • Acting as an advocate if encountering bullying incidents

Ruang Konseling

There are 4 counseling rooms available for face-to-face counseling. In addition to the counseling rooms, there is also 1 transit room available for counselors. These rooms are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Teresa Building at Unika Soegijapranata

Contact Us

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Online Services

  • Students can contact counselors through the following ways:
  1. Registering through the student care counseling service website
  2. Directly contacting the student care hotline (via Whatsapp)
  • SCU Buddies inform the counselors that a student wants to have counseling
  • The counselor and student agree on the counseling schedule and the platform to be used (such as Google Meet, WhatsApp call, Line call, or other platforms)
  • The counselor conducts counseling
  • The counselor takes note of the counseling session and archives it

Offline Service

  • Students directly contact their counselor or faculty advisor
  • Students are referred by SCU Buddies
  • Students are served by faculty advisors
  • Students register online for face-to-face counseling