Keynote Speakers


Dr. Eva Y. W. Wong, PFHEA

Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL)
Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)

Eva Wong was educated in the United Kingdom, received her first degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from University College London, and a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Abertay Dundee. She has worked in a number of tertiary institutions in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong in the past 35 years. Eva joined HKBU in 2010 as Director of the CHTL to focus on enhancing student learning through professional development of frontline teachers. In 2018, her contributions to teaching and learning were recognised by being honoured as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the UK. Eva’s current interests and expertise are in the enhancement of student learning through the use of engaging and learner-centred pedagogies leveraged on e-learning, in which area she has presented to local and overseas conferences and published in journals.

Dr. Dave Marcial

Associate Professor Dave MARCIAL is dean of the College of Computer Studies, Silliman University, Philippines. He has held  various positions in professional organizations in the Philippines, such as PICAB, PSITE, PeLS, ICT-Dgte, ICT4TEd. He is a technical committee member for IT Education with the Philippine Commission on Higher Education and Executive-Director of the Asian University Digital Resource Network. A former United Board Fellow, his research interests include learning technologies, an area in which he has been the recipient of several research grants.

Prof. Dr. Ridwan Sanjaya

RIDWAN SANJAYA is a professor of Information Systems Department at Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Indonesia who has been working as a lecturer since 2002. He received the Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Information Systems (CIS) from Graduate School of Information Technology, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand in 2011. He is a United Board Fellow and currently serves as the Rector of Soegijapranata Catholic University.

Kevin Henderson

Kevin HENDERSON is director of digital content and programming with the United Board, an international NGO focused on supporting higher education and whole person education development in 15 countries and regions in Asia. Kevin oversees thematic and countrybased programming related to digital education within Asian higher education institutions. His role also includes the enhancement and expansion of the United Board’s digital capacity and presence, including the development of digitally mediated learning platforms for continuous learning and engagement.

Dr. Guydeuk Yeon

Dr Guydeuk YEON is Director of the Innovation Centre at Christ University, Bengaluru, India. He received his Ph.D in International Relations from Jawaharal Nehru University, New Delhi in 2007 and is currently Associate Professor of Economics and International Relations at Christ University.


Dr. Yasuhisa Tamura

Dr. Yasuhisa TAMURA is a Professor in Department of Information & Communication Sciences at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. He is a researcher within the area of learning technology, including ICT utilization for learning, digital textbooks, and learning activity log analysis. He is also the president of the Japanese Association of Learning Analytics, the president of the Japanese e-Learning Association, the director of Technology Standard WG in ICT Connect 21 Japan, a committee member of the Smart School Platform Project in the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and co-leader of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC36 WG8 (Learning Analytics Interoperability).