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The University Student Senate (SMU) is a student organization that operates in the legislative field at the university level, consisting of various student representatives from each faculty. The SMU's task is to bridge the gap between students and the rectorate in terms of conveying student aspirations.

The SMU also has several functions, namely Legislative Function, Supervisory Function, and Budget Function, as well as a communication forum between student organizations at the university, faculty, and study program levels.

The SMU also has several tasks, namely accommodating and channeling student aspirations, planning and establishing the Strategic Plan (Renstra) and Operational Plan (Renop) of the University Student Senate, evaluating the Annual Work Plan (RKT) of the University Student Executive Body (BEMU), as well as presenting a recap of the activities carried out and the annual budget expenditure of all student organizations at the university level in the SMU and BEMU sessions.

Vision :
To become an integral, caring, and patriotic University Student Senate.

Mission :

  1. To dedicate oneself to serving wholeheartedly
  2. To direct Soegijapranata Catholic University students to be more active in academic and non-academic activities
  3. To devote oneself as an organization that instills cultural values and love for the nation in the personal lives of students

Work Programs:

  1. Opening Session
  2. Middle Session
  3. Closing Session
  4. Drafting Review Socialization(SDR)
  5. Room Inventory
  6. Gathering of SMU and BEMU
  7. SMU and SMF Roadshow
  8. Young Staff of the University Student Senate
  9. Re-Organization of the University Student Senate
  10. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman of BEMU for the Period 2023/2024
  11. Visit to LKTD and LKTL
  12. UKM Sharing 1
  13. UKM Sharing 2
  14. Let's Aspire 1
  15. Meeting with Rectorate 1
  16. Let's Aspire 2
  17. Meeting with Rectorate 2
  18. Fun Fact about Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU)



To be a responsible, active, critical, and communicative organization.


  • To prioritize communication among elements of Soegijapranata Catholic University students
  • To coordinate students in developing their potentials, both academically and non-academically
  • To optimize internal synergy and collaboration among all student organizations as organizational potentials.
  • To create an active and critical atmosphere through student forums

Functions of the Student Executive Board:

  • As a high-level student organization that accommodates all student interests on campus
  • As an Agent of Change in the university and as a facilitator in capturing student aspirations
  • As social control in observing every policy, both within and outside the campus institution.
  • Building synergy with all student organizations on campus

Tasks of the Student Executive Board:

  • Able to formulate student aspirations and develop work programs
  • Coordinating the preparation of work programs until it is able to assist and oversee academic and non-academic activities
  • Making accountability reports on activities, both those carried out by UKM, BEMF, all activities and events held there