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Curiosity, Passion, Growth Mindset

As many studies showed that soft (transferrable) skills are key success factors in championing today’s and tomorrow’s world[1], naturally universities have to propound a spot-on response. In this endeavor, Soegijapranata Catholic University (SCU) has committed to cater for the demand of the Generation Z (Zoomers) learners who aspire a quality and yet relevant tertiary education. SCU College aims at nurturing curiosity, cultivating learning as skill and instilling growth mindset[2] – essential for the graduates to smoothly glide over the ever-changing waves of tomorrow’s world.

Whole Person Education

SCU College as the newest academic unit of SCU offers an internationally oriented undergraduate program fortified with whole person education, which is the first of its kind in Indonesia. SCU College’s curriculum is a well-balanced blend of general education, transferrable skills, global citizenship, and major courses.


The students of different majors will spend most of their first two semesters taking general education courses to lay a strong foundation of whole person formation. General education in SCU College is aggregated to form four (4) building blocks, namely


Creative Thinking & Process; Writing for Life; Professional Ethics; Know Yourself


Music for Life; Food, body and mind; Escape Reading; Happiness; Eco-Lifestyle


Indonesian Tradition & Multi-Ethnicity; Indonesia and the World; Identity and Tolerance


Pseudoscience; Digital Literacy & Competence; The Story of Mathematics; Contemporary Philosophy

Global Citizenship

To help the students embracing global citizenship, international exposure is an indispensable element of this unique bachelor program set-up. An array of global exposure opportunities will be presented to the students, thanks to SCU’s longstanding partnerships with many universities partners worldwide. This international outreach element covers a wide range of activities including study visit, conference, credit earning and internship.

International Atmosphere

All courses are conducted in English by a pool of highly competent faculty who have been intensely exposed to various academic styles and cultures of their alma-mater, universities in many corners of the globe. Visiting professors/speakers from both domestic and foreign reputable universities, corporations, public and non-profit organizations will be hosted by SCU College to ensure international ambiance of the campus.

4 Majors Offered

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytics
  2. Business Information System
  3. English and Creative Industries
  4. Food Technology & Innovation

[1] See e.g. Tera Allas, T. et al (2019). The Future of Work. McKinsey & Company.
[2] Growth mindset is a conviction that someone can grow, expand, evolve, and change at any stage of life, even intelligence and capability are not fixed points but instead traits someone should continuously cultivate. Christensen et al. (2020). The most fundamental skill: Intentional learning and career advantage. McKinsey & Company.



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