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IPC – Innovative Programs Cluster

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Passion of Generation Z

A cluster of innovative undergraduate programs that are carefully designed to address the challenges of today’s professional world and the passion of Generation Z learners.

Timely Curriculum

Each program is specifically designed to be free from the rigidity of traditional curricula so that they can flexibly respond to the need of professional world without losing the robustness of the core curricula.

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The curriculum of each program combines the strengths of state-of-the art science and technology elements – such as artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, digital technology, culinary technology, organic food and wellness-beauty science – with innovation aptitude based on a multidisciplinary and entrepreneurial approach.

Innovative Programs

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
  2. Digital Performing Art*)
  3. E-Commerce
  4. Energy Technology
  5. Englishpreneurship*)
  6. Food for Beauty & Wellness
  7. Nutrition and Culinary Technology
  8. Digital Accounting

*) In English



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