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BROSUR DORMITORI 2017 - Revisi no telp

SCU (Soegijapranata Catholic University) has dorms for you to stay in. More information on the price and facilities can be accessed by contacting the Rectorate staff.

Because there are limited rooms at the university dormitory, renting a room at a boarding house (koskos’an) nearby or guest house around the area can be an alternative. The rent can be as per day, per month or per year.

Most Indonesian students who come from out of town rent a room in a boading house with a landlord or a landlady. Many houses around SCU are available for rent. Some of these houses have secrity guards for safety reasons. The facilities of these houses vary. Some houses provide air-conditioned rooms, water, shared kitchens and bathrooms.

Most boarding houses are located within walking distance and can also be reached by passenger vans, bicycle, or motorcycle. The rooms in these houses are usually furnished with beds, chairs, and desks.

Nearby these boarding houses are eating facilities such as a mini warung makan or restaurants. In support of your study, many photocopy vendors and laundry facilities are also available.

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